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Quote of the day: Me, around the house

Guess the context:

If I don’t get to ride in the clown car, I’m not paying to upgrade it.

22 Responses to “Quote of the day: Me, around the house”

  1. HerrBGone Says:

    Air Force One needs new $10,000.00 toilet seats?

  2. CaptainVictory Says:

    Government birth control?

  3. comedian Says:

    I’m gonna guess this:

  4. SayUncle Says:

    No. But that’s funny, comedian.

  5. Gunnutmegger Says:

    Sandra Fluke’s hirsute hoohah?

  6. Critter Says:

    no vajazzeling?

  7. James Says:

    comedian. for the win.

  8. Chas Says:

  9. That Guy Says:


  10. Reno Sepulveda Says:

    Welfare mothers make better lovers?

  11. Frank Says:

    Good gravy. I’ll bet it hangs down like an empty coat sleeve…

  12. Matt R. Says:

    New Presidential Limos this year?

  13. BruceInNoVA Says:

    The Mrs. wants a reprogrammed ECU and Magnaflow headers to boost the horsepower in her Mini Cooper by 15-20%.

  14. Billll Says:

    Some taxpayer balking at the thought of a congressional pay raise?

  15. Cargosquid Says:

    Frank…. really?


    Brain bleach….where’s my brain bleach….

  16. Ellen Says:


  17. wchunko Says:


    I saw that and thought about it, but then thought better of it.

  18. nk Says:

    It’s posted in “Notes to Junior”, so it likely is an actual kid’s toy clown car and Junior is afraid Uncle will break it?

  19. Crotalus Says:

    You are going to tell us, right?

  20. bob smith Says:

    You are very plainly spoken. You reserved a subcompact because it is the cheapest car rental you can get. Unfortunately, many times these cars all rented by the time you get to your rental destination. Since you “reserved” it, you don’t want to be forced to pay for a bigger car. Actually, this is a great strategy for renting a bigger car at clown car prices.

  21. treefroggy Says:

    Your ex-wife wants breast implants ?

  22. SayUncle Says:

    Heh. Tree froggy is closest.