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No hesitation targets

This is pretty abysmal. A shoot or no shoot situation is a judgement call but I think acclimating the police to fire on pregnant women is not a good idea. Sure, some of them might be a threat but the vast, vast majority are not.

I wonder if there would be an uproar if I started selling targets that were police in uniform? It’s not a good idea and neither are those no hesitation targets.

20 Responses to “No hesitation targets”

  1. DC Handgun Info Says:

    Do you mean like this helmet-wearing Violent Criminal Actor?

    H/t Oleg Volk…

  2. Obamao Says:

    Well, if the police target had a certain nametag… would that be OK?

    Just an idea – if I photo shopped I would take the targets at the link, change the phones into a binky, a flip camera, a coke, and a frog for the boy, and put a little “Hello, My name is Dorner” on their shirts.

  3. Divemedic Says:

    Didn’t silhouette targets have to switch from black to blue because too many people complained that it was racist to teach cops to shoot black people?

  4. Old NFO Says:

    DM is correct, and those are to desensitize LEOs

  5. Soap Box One Says:

    How about targets depicting black teenagers for Chicago cops to train with? Think there might be just a smidgen of uproar around that idea?

  6. jdrush Says:

    Where is the dog target?

  7. CGreiner Says:

    Uh oh, first the DHS purchases 450 million rounds of .40 cal hollow points and now we have “no hesitation targets”?

    I got news for any LE agency thinking of using these. If the day comes when pregnant women, teen girls, and little kids are pointing guns at you then there’s a good chance you ARE the bad guy!

  8. Phelps Says:

    If you did make those targets they would just be training for defending against home invasion.

  9. Chas Says:

    They’re getting ready to kill us.

  10. That Guy Says:

    Is there a Lon Horiuchi target for shooting unarmed women in the back of the head while they hold a baby?

  11. MAJMike Says:

    Having LEO targets would assist in practicing headshots to avoid hitting body armor areas.

  12. Mu Says:

    Killing LEOs is bad. Make that groin shot targets.

  13. JKB Says:

    Where is the dog target?

    No decision on that, all dogs go to heaven.

    That pregnant woman looks Hispanic, that’s racist!
    But I suppose all the blond liberal chicks have abortions

  14. Mike Says:

    I don’t like this at all. De-sensitize the police to shoot children and pregnant women? W-T-F?

    Yeah, the kid is holding a gun and so is the pregnant woman. But in a fight-or-flight situation, ANYTHING can be mistaken for a gun.

    In effect, these targets are desensitizing police to shoot children/pregnant women when police see them holding anything (phone, ipod/ipad, and so on).

    F*** me, what the hell is happening in this country?!

  15. Ted N Says:

    They’ve already got that good old Only Ones brand Qualified Immunity, WTF do they need these for? It’s not like they’re gonna get in trouble for gunning down pregnant ladies or kids. All Proper Procedures are allways followed, don’cha know?

  16. snoopycomputer Says:

    Will the LEO community cry foul if a Chris Dorner target gets made?

  17. Pat Says:

    There are judgmental targets with uniformed officers, pregnant women, younger-appearing people, etc. They are to train officers to perceive THREATS, and not ignore so-called “protected” classes of people.

    Shoot/no-shoot training is intended to be highly stressful. This is because real-life situations are both highly stressful and extremely time sensitive.

    If you think it’s so easy to walk around for 8-16 hours a day wearing a gigantic target (i.e. uniform), give it a shot. It’s not, especially in environments where the local politicians have made it illegal for the normal, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves properly, e.g. Chicago/D.C./LA/SF. Criminals know if they just take out the cops, everyone else is easy money.

    The vast, vast majority of any identifiable demographic is unlikely to engage in random violence. The issue is: do you perceive the threat properly, not will you shoot/not shoot some specific type of person.

  18. mita Says:

    If you think itís so easy to walk around for 8-16 hours a day wearing a gigantic target (i.e. uniform), give it a shot.

    Do they issue a martyr complex with a badge and a gun now?

  19. Mike P Says:

    “So, Officer Fife, could you explain to the jury what the phrase ‘No More Hesitation’ meant to you in the context of your training?… Please elaborate on what part that training played in the wrongful shooting and death of my client’s pregnant wife… Isn’t it true, for example, that your training included shooting lifelike targets of pregnant women and children?… For the benefit of the jury, can you identify these as the targets you shot?… Your record indicates that you are an expert shot. Did you place any head shots into, say, a target such as this, depicting a pregnant woman?”

    Yeah, something like that.

  20. SamW Says:

    The pregnant woman looks like she is being used as a shield. Shields need to go limp or otherwise not cooperate.Faint or puke or something. Not go catatonic.