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Mexican radio

Mexico wants a registry of US gun owners. Strange, so do the Democrats.

7 Responses to “Mexican radio”

  1. Ritchie Says:

    Some up here would like a registry of their people in our country. Would that be too sauce/goose?

  2. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    “Mexico wants a registry of US gun owners. Strange, so do the Democrats.”

    Does that mean we can deport Democrats to Mexico? Think about it. Then they can have all of the unarmed corruption they want and we can have our country back.

    Disavowed With Honor

  3. TigerStripe Says:

    Asking for a registry of Mexicans in the US would be considered racist.


  4. ATLien Says:

    Mexico needs to mind their fucking business and worry about their country flying off the rails.

  5. Mike Says:

    Great! We’ll get right on that…as soon as Mexico builds a registry of THEIR gun owners.

    What was that? Cartel sicarios just behead and dismember any government official they get a hold of? So, they won’t register their machine guns, RPGs, grenades, and semtex stockpiles when the gun control bureaucrat comes a-callin’? The hell, you say!

    OT, but there is a militia movement sweeping across Mexico, the most extensive since the Revolution of 1911. Villages and small towns, bereft of security forces, are forming their own “auto-defense” militia to fight off the cartels. And, yes, they are fighting cartel armies to a standstill. It seems that a militia fighting for home and family is more effective than corrupt cops fighting for a government paycheck. Go figure. The whole country is one humongous bloodbath, and their politicians (like our politicians) would much rather talk b***s**t than address fundamental social and economic problems.

    The law-abiding American gun owner now serves as the perfect “Emmanuel Goldstein” to the corrupt political establishments of the U.S. and Mexico. Rejoice, Brethren!

  6. ben Says:

    Just tell the Mexicans “all of them,” which is close enough to the truth.

  7. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    They already have unrestricted access to eTrace.