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AR-15 for $190

I’ll take 10. Popular Science reviews the AR-15 in 1963.

7 Responses to “AR-15 for $190”

  1. Guav Says:

    For “hunting and target shooting”? I thought they were only good for mowing down dozens of people at a time. Also, sold with a 20 rd mag since 1963.

  2. DOUGLAS2 Says:

    What’s an AR15 but a .223 AR10?
    The AR10 was developed as a survival rifle for downed aircrew, to replace their odd over-under combination shotgun/rifle.
    The stated purpose of the survival rifle was subsistence until rescue. So the initial design really was intended for game, not for killing people.

  3. DonkeyShow Says:

    the classifieds are great. surplus jeeps $69. surplus rifles and ammo. oh man what happened?

  4. flatdarkmars Says:

    Adjusting for inflation, $189.50 in 1963 is equivalent to $1421.83 in 2012 dollars. So an AR is worth roughly the same amount, your money is just worth a lot less. Another thing you can thank your federal government for.

  5. furtium Says:


  6. Bryan S. Says:

    Wrong in 1965 as well… Machine guns were not illegal to own, just a bit more pricey. At least you could still register a new one back then.

  7. Alan Says:

    You wouldn’t want a 1963 AR. Those triangular hand guards would pinch the shit out of your hand.