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Lords of War on Nat Geo

The first time dub step didn’t suck:

2 Responses to “Lords of War on Nat Geo”

  1. Jim W Says:

    Downloaded a few of the shows…. and it’s a shame it’s not really that good a show.

    It feels utterly staged. Who the hell pays 4200 bucks for a Walther PPK that’s been butchered by an engraver?

  2. alvan walker Says:

    Jim,Relax. Nobody paid $4200 for my pistol. It’s back in the safe next to Blade Magazines 2008 knife of the year. Which, by the way, came from the same “Butcher.” I like taking the diamond encrusted, gold inlaid, purple Damascus blade hawk billed folder to the club in case I run into a pesky bottle of Margaux 03. My wife slip the PPK in her Gucci bag which is OK with me since I like lethal protection in close proximity. Wish I was there when your Momma told you wrestling was fake! Call me, we need to talk about the Easter Bunny and Santa. LAW