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Hobbyist Drone

One made with a paintball gun and questions of its legality, if fitted with a real gun. I don wonder why such a drone would be illegal.

6 Responses to “Hobbyist Drone”

  1. Tai Says:

    Do, or don’t? IIRC, there are laws against remotely operated weapons. I know that some of those are against hunting with RC guns (like that quad turkey shotgun getup in I think Alabama), although I’m not sure if any of those laws are national.

  2. Suki Says:

    Guessing you saw this already?

  3. mikee Says:

    In many places there are laws against traps, such as tripwire guns and deadfalls and spring-loaded leg grabbers, that are general enough to cover any kind of destruction-causing remote operated device.

    On the other hand, it flies, has a camera and shoots things.

    My potato gun (legal here in TX ONLY for purposes of pyrotechnic display) just got very boring.

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    Because you can operate that multiple times with one action of the now remote trigger… IE, software enables you to hold down a button and keep firing. The same reason you cant put a motor on a Gatling gun.

    86 rule keeping common weaponry… not so common.

  5. JKB Says:

    Didn’t I see this some years ago when someone had mounted a handgun on a wireless helicopter in a Youtube video. That was pretty much decided to get you a ATF visit.

    Now, I do seem to remember there are laws against private citizens operating UAVs out of sight of the operator.

    Of course, this again only impacts the law abiding.

  6. Leatherwing Says:

    Maybe it’s the first step toward anti-drone drones.

    A co-worker flies RC helicopters and we were recently discussing ways one drone might take down another. I’m sure others are working in it more realistically.