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That’d be funny

Is Illinois about to default to constitutional carry?

10 Responses to “That’d be funny”

  1. BGMiller Says:

    Funny nothing.
    I live in Davenport, Iowa.
    I work in Moline, Illinois.

    If Illinois goes Constitutional it will take more self control than I might have to not walk across one of the pedestrian accessible bridges with my Garand slung with a sign sticking out of the barrel reading “F–* You Chicago.”


  2. WPZ Says:

    Sorry, there is simply no chance Illinois will revert to constitutional carry. None.
    Emanuel and Boss Madigan wonít let it happen.
    Currently, their ploy is court rehearings and other such judicial maneuvers.
    The next step will be some brutal legislative machinations that will make Wisconsinís Doyleís stopping of citizen carry seem like a friendly Twister game by comparison.
    Ainít gonna happen. Hope my Chicago accent shows through.

  3. Thirdpower Says:

    No. Like WPZ said, Daddy Madigan, Quinn and Emanual will do everything in their power (even outside their power) to keep it from happening.

    We’re still in for years of lawsuits.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    The Law may come into effect, but the Appeal will also arrive about 30 Seconds later, and be held up in the Courts for years.

    And if you think Holder and Obama won’t be doing everything they can to help their Ol’ Buddy Rahmbo out, then I got some Swamp Land you might be interested in buying.

  5. Mike Says:

    Well, there’s the law…and then there is THE LAW.

    Yeah, the law may say you can carry without a permit.

    But THE LAW will stop you, disarm you, arrest you, process you, and then slap you with a bullshit charge (resisting arrest, contempt of cop, whatever). The arrest, the charge, and the eventual plea will follow you for life. And this assumes you don’t get fired from your job, and don’t go broke, while dealing with the case.

    If IL goes “constitutional”, don’t EVER carry in Chicago or its environs…unless you fully intend to take the case all the way to the USSC.

  6. P.M. Says:

    I think IL Legislature may be waiting to see whether the Seventh Circuit grants or denies Illinois’s pending petition for rehearing en banc (i.e., by all the judges on the circuit, not just the usual 3-judge panel) in the Moore case.

  7. Kristophr Says:

    Chicago is not above the law.

    Some folks in Alabama thought they could continue segregation, despite federal law.

    We’ll just need to gear up and teach the retards in Chicago some expensive lessons on the cost of bigotry.

  8. TigerStripe Says:

    No one is going to send the National Guard to protect the rights of citizens/subjects of Chicago to legally carry a weapon…


  9. comatus Says:

    Then, if I hear you aright, what you’re saying is that we’ll have to bus in some freedom riders?

    Mine will be the last limousine Rahm ever lays down in front of.

  10. WPZ Says:

    I hesitate to say so publicly, but as one who’s been involved in Illinois gun activity for forty years, as one who’s been an NRA, ISRA, IllinoisCarry, and others member for many years, I still can’t see any way Illinois gets citizen carry, not for a long time.
    The judicial process is the most likely way Madigan will stop the train. Once that Seventh Circuit decision gets stalled or appealed, and they will certainly do something along that line, the whole timeline disintegrates.
    I know our professionals on the point of the battle think we’ll be carrying this year, and I have great respect for their greater knowledge, I just keep thinking of Emanuel. There is more power concentrated in the Fifth Floor (as the Mayor’s office is known) that folks realize who aren’t familiar with how this benighted place works.
    Having a Machine guy in the White House only makes it easier for them.