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Madness takes its toll

Last summer, we took the kids to a pool party. We stayed later than we should have (my fault) and the kids were grumpy and tired from a long day’s swimming and running around. So, on the way back home, the kids were doing what they do in a car when they’re tired and grumpy. Repeatedly saying things like:

Stop touching me!
You’re on my side!
Mom, he’s bothering me!
Dad, are we there yet!

And on and on. I countered with:

Knock it off.
Be quiet.
Don’t make me stop the car.

None of that worked so I told them no more talking. And told them if they said another word, they’d regret it. That lasted about 30 seconds before the next bout of “keep your hands on your side!”. So, I reached down to the kick ass stereo system in the wife’s Ford Earthfucker and cranked it to top volume. And this song was playing:

To make matters worse for the kids and hysterical for me and the wife was that she and I started singing to the top of our lungs. For the rest of the drive, which was only a couple of minutes.

Now, whenever that song comes on anywhere, both kids stick their fingers in their ears and start yelling “LALALALALA”.

Still cracks me up.

5 Responses to “Madness takes its toll”

  1. Art Welling Says:


  2. MSgt B Says:


    When we want to be left alone, we start singing songs from “Grease”.

    Summer lovin’
    Had me a blaaaast…

  3. ChrisJ Says:

    Oldies are one of the best ways to torture children. My wife and I do it all the time. My absolute favorite was playing Jim Reeves “He’ll Have To Go” at 3/4 volume while she was on the phone with her “boyfriend”. She wanted to be mad at me so badly but it’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.

  4. Frank Says:

    I drove a school bus for a year or so ten years ago, but I refused to play the radio. When I did, I made sure that Dr. Laura was on.

  5. The Freeholder Says:

    Not a bad choice. I had good luck with P-Funk doing “Flashlight”. Kept my kids quiet for almost an hour once after I threatened to put it on repeat.