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In the land of strict gun control

Chicago police: don’t call us unless you’re being murdered.

One Response to “In the land of strict gun control”

  1. Blackwing1 Says:

    This has been true in Minneapolis (where I live in the heart of the Hive) for more than 5 years. They sent a notice out with the garbage/sewer bill (appropriate) that they would no longer respond with a physical presence to reports of robbery or theft unless the perpetrators were still there and posing a threat.

    Their stance is that if you need to report it, don’t call 911, just fill out their (incredibly buggy) form on the web-site. If you don’t have a computer, just call their information line, wait, and have it filled out. Their explanation was that the only reason to fill out a report was if you had an insurance claim.

    Amazingly enough, reports of robbery and theft magically dropped in the city! Why, they must be doing a fabulous job of policing!

    And cops wonder why more and more citizens consider the MPD to simply be a better armed, better organized, and more uniform (pun intended) gang than the rest of them.