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Weapons used in Newtown

The state police release what we already know. I note that they specifically say the AR-15 is “high capacity”, which it’s not. Like the handguns, it holds more than ten rounds and was designed to. It’s regular capacity.

7 Responses to “Weapons used in Newtown”

  1. Fin Says:

    Wow, and it only took them two months to put that on their fancy letterhead too.

    What a waste of time.

  2. tincan Says:

    i recall reading that the shooter was dumping his AR-15 mags with 10-15 rounds each time, so he could constantly top off with 30 rounds.

  3. Tam Says:

    Way too late to stop the troofers.

    Thanks, CT po-po and MSNBC fuckups!

  4. SFC Says:

    If the FBI BATF&E Eric Holder Barrack Hussein Obama would of been doing their damned jobs by getting into the Supreme Court demanding that all criminals with a mental past, along with Psychiatrist and all mental doctors to release the patients names and it is time for parents to step up. All this information needs to be release to all Law Enforce Agencies, FBI to add their names on the background checks. Not Obie he believes by banning Hi Cap Mags and the sales of a Military Style Firearm (Assault Weapons my ass) this will not stop the criminals, gang members, outlaw bikers and mental patients, or parents of mental, parents refuse to tell anyone at all. I wrote by email to several senators with this information before Connecticut with no reply. You bet why NOT when it would be easier to blame this on the 4.3 Million plus that has never committed a crime, yes we are the trouble makers as they are finding out securing and saving the 2nd Amendment Our Founding Fathers were not stupid by a long shot as this is Tyranny. Obama needs to Impeached for Murders of Brian Terry in Fast and Furious as Obama and Holder should be arrested and indicted on Conspiracy Obama should be help responsible for the Murder in Benghazi, for trying to take the Second Amendment attempting to doing away our US Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  5. Phenicks Says:

    Ummmm SFC…
    So, that Mom with post-partum depression who took Selexa for 3mo looses her 2a rights forever? The Man who’s family died in a car accident and took an antidepressant for a short time (~6-12 mo) looses hus 2a rights also? The problem with we don’t have a good handle on mental disorders. Many of the “mass” shooters were quirky but not hearing voices “Oh my God” nuts that would make a list unless that list was so broad almost no one could get off of it. We need more $$ for research and care for the mentally ill, taking them off the streets and out of the prisons and placing them where they (and us) are safe.

  6. Sigivald Says:

    First, I note that they say the magazines are high capacity. Which is still wrong, but at least they’re not calling the rifle high capacity, which is a bonus.

    SFC: Dude. Paragraphs. Seriously.

  7. Gunnutmegger Says:

    “seized inside the school” and “used to shoot people” are not the same thing.

    Let’s wait for the police report before we declare victory on “troofers”.