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The difference

Shooting 1,000 rounds through a 1911 is a big deal. Shooting 1,000 rounds through a Glock is a day at the range.

13 Responses to “The difference”

  1. Phelps Says:

    1k rounds means it is time to start thinking about cleaning the glock. You know, if I’m not going to shoot it for a while and there is nothing on tv and I’m out of beer AND gin.

  2. HardCorp Says:

    In terms how how much mass is shot it’s at least double, comapring energy it’s exponentially more from a 1911. Plus you don’t need more than 8 rounds…

    Challenge: find evidence anyone has survived more than 7 rounds from a 1911. Been plenty shot by them, how many made it?

  3. ChrisJ Says:

    Interesting but the impression I’m left with is how much the shooter reminds me of Howard “Screamin” Dean. Yee-aahh!

  4. Marc S Says:

    When I competed in USPSA I used to spend a day at the range shooting 1k rounds through a 1911. No big deal.

  5. wallphone Says:

    Boise police use the Glock 21, 45ACP.

  6. Divemedic Says:

    @ HardCorp: Physics isn’t your thing, is it? The 9mm ammo fires a 115 grain bullet at approximately 1150 fps, giving muzzle energy of 338 ft lb.

    .45 ACP ammo fires a 230 grain bullet at 800 fps, for 327 ft lb.
    There is no “exponential” increase in power. In fact, the entire concept of “power factor” is a made up metric that ignores the fact that velocity is squared when computing energy.
    I won’t get into an argument about 9mm versus .45, but I will point out when physics and math are being ignored.

  7. wallphone Says:

    Nine hits reported in this incident:

  8. SayUncle Says:

    find evidence anyone has survived more than 7 rounds from a 1911. Been plenty shot by them, how many made it?

    Sure. Once you find evidence anyone has survived more than 17 rounds from a Glock.

    And you need more than 8 rounds if there are 9 zombies.

  9. HardCorp Says:

    Where does the Boise article say .45 or even glocks?
    And I said who survived more than 7 rounds of .45, surviving typically means living more than a few minutes after trauma. That second link substantiates my point.

    Wait, but if 9mm were just as effective, why would the evidence need to more than double the round count? Or are you saying the .45 is 17/7x more effective?

    I concede to dive medic.

  10. Marc S Says:

    IIRC mil-spec for .45 ACP 230grn was 830fps giving about 350 foot-pounds of energy.
    Power factor was calculated as M*V and is an indicator of recoil force(M*V being the form for calculating momentum which is conserved).

  11. AKô Says:

    so many rounds..

    I doubt there are 1000 rounds on the shelves, in Alaska,for .45ACP.

  12. wallphone Says:

    This, one of many, mentions the standard Boise sidearm. Found sources dating from 2005-2012. I trust you can Google “Boise standard issue sidearm caliber” as easily as anybody else.

    Anecdotal tales of 20 hits and lives vs. nine and stops fighting on the tenth, don’t illustrate importance of caliber as much as importance of placement.

  13. Divemedic Says:

    @Marc S: I call horse hockey on power factor being a formula for calculating recoil force as well. The formula ignores the momentum of the firearm, which is a large factor in recoil. A shooter with a heavier firearm experiences less recoil.
    No, power factor is a way of punishing people who aren’t shooting .45ACP or its equivalents.