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Second Amendment Rally

In The City (My The City).

Here’s their facebook page. I may show up.

4 Responses to “Second Amendment Rally”

  1. blounttruth Says:

    Don’t have a face book page, but I would love to add a “hat’s off” to our sheriff. The wife called me at work today to inform me not to make any plans for noon Saturday, which means I have to get up around 3am to get the boat out of the water and make it downtown, but they can add two more non facebookers to the list of attendees, hope to see ya there Uncle.

  2. The Comedian Says:


  3. RWC Says:

    Charles Lollar yesterday in Annapolis.

    The push-back is getting stronger by the day.

  4. HL Says:

    They should do it Friday night in the Sears parking lot…that way they could claim the attendance from the Hot Rod gathering as well…assuming they still do that.