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Hoplophobia caught on camera

News story here

10 Responses to “Hoplophobia caught on camera”

  1. Tango Says:

    And that mayor is a damned PIMP. Preach it!

  2. keith Says:

    What city council is this? I’d like to know who this mayor is.

  3. keith Says:

    OOPS. nevermind, they just said it.

  4. TigerStripe Says:

    We need more mayors like that. I also liked that interim city attorney Weed did not try to come up with a weasel lawyer excuse to try to disarm Mr. Yonkman.


  5. TIM Says:

    It is sad that so many people react that same way whenever a gun is mentioned. But Glad to see the Mayor Preach for are rights!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Powell Says:

    +1 to Mayor Dudley!!

  7. HL Says:

    I assume the council member that excused himself had to go pee a little…while sitting, of course.

  8. HL Says:

    From the councilman who excused himself to swoon:

    ďOur mayor has encouraged people to come to our meetings with weapons. Iím not going to say that itís pro-dumb(expletive), but itís just not good judgment,Ē said Almberg.

    Very classy…represents his side well.

  9. ben Says:

    Oak Harbor? Ha! I have a lot of friends out there, and get out that way about twice a year. Hour and a half drive from my house. Good on the Mayor!

  10. Bill Says:

    And Oak Harbor is on the LIBERAL side of Washington State!