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An armed society

When interviewing in Texas, Piers Morgan is less assholey.

2 Responses to “An armed society”

  1. Magus Says:

    The hell you say. Just because you stand upwind of a turd doesn’t mean it stopped stinking–it still smells like shit.

    Piers is a turd.

  2. mikee Says:

    Piers is performing a classic Alinsky style attack on gun owners, attempting to present to the public a package of nuttiness (Alex Jones) that can be fixed in the public eye and ridiculed. He’ll replay any useful clips again and again and again and again of tinfoil hat nuttery, and since nobody watches his show normally, he can ignore any losses he experiences to Ben Shapiro or the state of Texas.

    Fix an image in the public eye, ridicule it, and make everyone on that side of the debate defend that image.

    It won’t work, because he is the ridiculous element in the mix, every time.