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Why gun control faces an uphill battle in the Senate

A look at the numbers.

4 Responses to “Why gun control faces an uphill battle in the Senate”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    I think they have one rating waaaaay off. My Dem Senator, Begich, is on record as saying he won’t vote for any new gun control of any kind. Based on his record I worry less about him on this issue than I do our “establishment moderate” Republican Sen Lisa Murkowski.

    The only negative thing Begich has done is vote to approve Kagan and Sotomayor. Which, while potentially huge on the grand scale, isn’t something I can hold against him too much. He is a Dem and he does adhere, as do many Republicans, that the Senate’s job is “advise and consent”, not “dictate to the President.” One of the consequences of losing the Presidency is you don’t get to pick his appointees.

  2. Wolfman Says:

    This list included both Senators from Montana- I’m hoping people there are really reaching out to Baucus and Tester, because there is very little popular support for gun control in that State. I’ve been reminding my friends and family back home to kwep pushing. I would be surprised if either of those Senators side with the banners- the state is too rural to be in favor of it, and they know it.

  3. SD's Johnson Says:

    They are way off on Tim Johnson (SD). He hasn’t officially announced it yet, but he is very unlikely to run again and apparently doesn’t care about (further) diminishing his parties chance in the next elections.

    Letters back to citizen’s indicate that his handlers feel a need to “do something”. (Tim hasn’t had an active role since his illness prior to the last election, his staff are making all the decisions)

  4. Mike Says:

    The real fight is not with the gun bans, at least not yet.

    The real fight is with universal background checks and reduced-capacity magazines. THAT is where the banners will make their “compromise” stand…THIS TIME.

    One more school shooting down the road, and we will be almost caught up with NY: 7-round magazines, and registration-that-won’t-look-like-registration. My guess: the Feds will argue that firearms should only be sold to individuals with concealed carry permits. A little-noticed amendment to an unrelated bill will require states to share concealed carry lists with the Feds (on pain of losing transportation/MedicAid/MediCare funding).

    One more school shooting beyond that, and they will go for the whole enchilada: disarmament.

    If we don’t stop them here, if we cannot prevent any one of the potential outcomes (AWB, magazine restrictions, or registration) here, then it’s just a matter of time. THIS is the hill for the pro-gun forces to die on, so to speak. They want something; they MUST get nothing.

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