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From the New York Times

Why the AR-15 is most-wanted gun in America

Pretty easy, actually. Not like the NYT’s lede that it’s because of the ‘gun industry’ stoking demand. Also, Mr. Gun Shop Owner, get that booger-hook off the bang-switch.

5 Responses to “From the New York Times”

  1. ashley higgins Says:

    The essence of the article is to restate an accusation that marketing is the basis for manufacturer-seller tort liability for a criminal misuse of a firearm. The leftists and interested tort lawyers) simply cannot let a bad idea rest in peace.

  2. JD Rush Says:

    I love the breathless reporting on some of the ad copy. The mention of Stag’s southpaw ad left me laughing. Um, they are a favorite of southpaws because they are one of few left handed AR makers.

    I remember AR being damned expensive in the 90s, the prices have fallen compared to inflation. Plus the ATF isn’t putting out conflicting rulings over what parts you can and can’t have in the rifle on a daily basis any more.

  3. Seerak Says:

    IIRC, it was the Clinton Ban that kicked off interest in the AR, and its potential return has helped sustain it. It reminds me of how Americans drinking in the face of Prohibition helped build the Seagrams fortune.

  4. TigerStripe Says:

    I skimmed the article. The fact is Obama has singlehandedly sold more AR15s, AK47s and handguns with much more capacity than a 1911 than any ad agency or pro-gun group could have ever dreamed…


  5. Bill Says:

    Stopped by an out of town gunshop on Saturday.

    It was closed.

    Stopped into the store next door to ask when it was open.

    The boss next door said, “9-5, Monday-Friday. Obama has made him a fortune, and now he has bankers hours!”