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Barrel shrouds and internet memes

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One Response to “Barrel shrouds and internet memes”

  1. Chas Says:

    Guns are now banned in NYS by feature, so we can have featureless AK’s, but no banned features, unless the gun gets registered within a year.
    The Mini-14, however, remains as legal as ever, so I’m thinking of getting an Anders Behring Brievik, Norwegian massacre, commemorative model that can just be bought over the counter going forward. It isn’t banned, doesn’t have to be registered, and can be transferred. Brievik killed 2 1/2 times as many people with his Mini-14 as Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook, so it makes sense for wacko-rapo Cuomo to ban the AR-15, but not the Mini-14? I think that he’s saving the Mini-14 for “next time”, since he doesn’t want to alienate every gun owner in the state at the same time. They’ll get it “next time”, when the rest of the long guns in the state have to go into the new 35-million dollar registry. They’re not spending all that money just to register “assault weapons”. Maniac-in-Chief Cuomo wants to put the “total” in “totalitarian government”, and he means to do it.