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And it runs on the tears of hippies . . .

The new Ford Earthfucker

7 Responses to “And it runs on the tears of hippies . . .”

  1. AKô Says:

    I’d like one.

  2. Frank Says:

    One? I’d like a fleet…

  3. A Whale's Vagina Says:

    Does it have the optional “Spotted Owl fuel intermix chamber”?

  4. Geodkyt Says:

    You lube the chassis by driving through herds of unwashed Occupy protestors. . . the skank of the hair grease on your axels fades after you roll over a few baby seals. . .

  5. comatus Says:

    Gosh, the booth babes are sure getting short.

  6. Jeff Powell Says:

    I am sure Ill need it to pull my horse trailer. I NEED it….

  7. MrSatyre Says:

    I laughed so hard when the image loaded. If I wanna go off-roading, I’ll take something a little more rugged like this, thanks, not that pretty little thang.