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The gun control horse race

Assault weapons ban: Dead.

Obama campaign against gun rights kind of fizzles at the start. Well, when you don’t have grassroots, that is to be expected.

Holder begins the gun control push with regs. I wonder if any of those regs involve not sending guns to Mexican drug lords? No, they don’t. It’s just retention of NICS records for denied applicants and letting police do checks before returning guns. Seems to me these rules are ripe for a fifth amendment challenge

Senate Democrats wavering on gun control. Well, dance with who brung ya.

4 Responses to “The gun control horse race”

  1. Bill Says:

    I’m not getting cocky. Hell , I want old rights restored. Time for massive push back.

  2. Seerak Says:

    x2 on Bill’s comment. Remember how Obamacare got passed, and then cleared the Supreme Court. Plenty of time for backroom leverage… or another incident.

  3. Wilson Says:

    This never had a chance of getting through congress. Not even Feinstein believes that her wish list of gun control could make it through the senate (let alone the house). What this is really all about is softening up our side for ‘compromise’ on the gun issue. The biggest thing anti-gun people want this time around is a national gun registry. If they can get that then they can get the rest of the ‘wish list’ later.

  4. bob r Says:

    “At that event, Feinstein said it’s unclear whether the fight is winnable. “We don’t know, it’s so uphill,” she said. “It depends on the courage of Americans.””

    I think she has that right but probably not in the way *she* means: some of us say “Molon labe”. Whether *her* fight is “winnable” very much depends on how many of us *really* mean it, i.e., it depends on the courage of Americans.

    ““We’re only at the beginning of our nation’s conversation about gun violence,” McCarthy said by e-mail. “There’s no way to know where the American people’s anger and frustration with” the Connecticut shooting “will ultimately take lawmakers.””

    I have a suggestion as to where *some* of the lawmakers should be taken: the gallows. After a proper trial for violation of the rights of Americans under color of law, of course.