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Too bad he’s not David Gregory or Diane Feinstein

In DC:

D.C. police are investigating whether a man will face criminal charges for shooting a pit bull that was attacking a child in his neighborhood.

4 Responses to “Too bad he’s not David Gregory or Diane Feinstein”

  1. Kasper Says:

    Would it be a thoughtcrime to suggest that if he is prosecuted, tar and feathers and riding them out of town on a rail should be applied to the people who decide to prosecute him.

    I wish I could serve on that jury if he is tried…

  2. Alphonse Says:

    They’re just mad they didn’t get to shoot the dog.

  3. John Says:

    They would have never shot the dog. They have security to do it for them.

  4. TigerStripe Says:

    No one needs a pitbull.