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Magical thinking

Let’s give it a try:

Teacher accused of lewd sex acts with kids.

Teacher charged with child sex abuse

Another teacher alleged to have committed sexual abuse.

And more.

You know what we should do? Make schools “sex abuse free” zones. That will stop all of this immediately!

From a discussion with reader Steve.

3 Responses to “Magical thinking”

  1. Todd S Says:

    Schools are sex abuse free zones… and fight free zones and drug free zones and offensive speech free zones… As a teacher, I never see ANY of those things.

  2. Huck Says:

    Nothing personal Todd, but when I was in school the teachers/principal/dean were the last ones on campus to know what was going on. Why? because they never saw or heard anything.

  3. B Dubya Says:

    The Teacher’s Unions defend the indefensible. Just take a gander at the occupants of the various “Rubber Rooms” used to warehouse NYC teacher’s who are up on charges similar to this. All on full pay.

    Don’t be shocked to find that pedophiles are over represented in the population of teachers. Its one of the careers they naturally gravitate to, because, you know, they absolutely LOVE children. Usually their “love” fetishizes on certain ages, and stages pf physical development. The good news is that they network, and pass on their victims to one another when their current object mature too much.

    The truth is painful. The remedy even more so.

    Here’s some light reading: