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Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show cancelled

Indefinitely. You don’t shit where you eat. Or brush yoru teeth there either because that’s also unhygienic.

6 Responses to “Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show cancelled”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    Now we will see if more shoes drop: lawsuits from vendors who had a reasonable expectation of a certain amount of sales from that show and how about next years’ SHOT show, which Reed also puts on. It maybe time to drop the NSSF a line on this.

    Say goodnight, Reed. Your party’s over.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Wonder how many Deposit Checks Reed is going to have to sign, or are they going to be Stupid?

  3. mikee Says:

    So, the primary effect of the counter protest to the show organizers is… to cancel all possible gun and ammo sales that would have occurred despite the lack of semiauto rifles?

    Why does my foot feel like it just got an AR-15 aimed at it by those on my side?

    I bet the anti-gunners are laughing their asses off over this “win” by the pro-right side. Something they could never accomplish, closing a huge gun show, done within a day or so by those who want them.

  4. Rivrdog Says:

    It isn’t a “huge gun show”, mikee. I have exhibited at this type of show. It’s probably not 5% gun vendors there. The one in Portland (International Sportsman’s Exposition) isn’t a gun show, and I spent 5 days exhibiting there last year. Oh, yeah, the latest gee-whiz Ultra-Short Super Lightweight Magnum bolties will be there, shooting sticks, optics and all that, but it would be an afterthought if there were even ANY wannabe battle-rifles there.

    The Sportsman’s shows have the full panoply of outdoor equipment on display, plus hunting guides, survival guys, cooking lessons, you name it, it’s all there. A few guns, but mostly not, because people mostly come to look, not buy. Most of the buying at the Sportsmen’s Expos is really little stuff (jerky, etc) or really big-ticket items (fishboats, RVs, ATVs).

    The big deal with this cancellation is that we all stood together, and that has to worry the gun-grabbers, not tickle them pink. Like you hinted at, if you have an AR to sell, you don’t have to work to sell it these days, at any price.

    Mark this one up as an opportunity for a skirmish, skirmished, won the skirmish.

  5. treefroggy Says:

    “You donít shit where you eat”

    Sounds like the definition of an AR.

  6. Mu Says:

    I mainly see lawyers laughing their ass off on the way to the bank. Having done trade shows like that, even a little company like mine would be down $10k a week before the show in paid fees, shipped exhibits, non-refundable airplane tickets etc. Bigger exhibitors probably have 10 times that in expenses. Those guys at least might have some recourse against Reed. The local hotels that thought they’d rented all their rooms, the caterers that stocked up, they all are screwed.