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GEICO insurance, anti-gun

GEICO cancels auto insurance because policy holder makes gun parts for a living!

22 Responses to “GEICO insurance, anti-gun”

  1. kbiel Says:

    What else would you expect from a company named Government Employee Insurance COmpany? Also, see Progressive (whose founder is rather progressive).

  2. Michael B Says:

    The redaction with a highlighter is interesting.

  3. Unistat76 Says:

    I wonder if they know that their pitchman R. Lee Ermey is also a spokesman for Glock?

  4. Unistat76 Says:

    Whoops, never mind. It looks like they found other politically motivated reasons to dump the Sarge.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    Spambot confused “comment form” with “contact form.”

  6. TigerStripe Says:

    Return address is San Francisco, CA…


  7. Lazy Bike Commuter Says:

    Looks likeI am changing insurance companies tomorrow. Suggestions?

  8. TigerStripe Says:

    LBC, my Allstate is much cheaper than most known insurers. I can’t stand their commercials though..


  9. SamW Says:

    Try Liberty Mutual.

  10. Settles Says:

    To address the first comment about Government Employees, you sir are an ass. I am a DOD Civillian and most of my coworkers are Conservatives and Veterans. Maybe you shouldn’t generalize.

    So I sent them an email asking what the deal was with this. Here is the response I got:
    “We received your inquiry, and we apologize for any confusion regarding the email you received.

    We spoke with that particular policyholder in December. There was some misunderstanding/confusion on our part on how he used the vehicle for his business. Our concern was not in regards to any connection to the weapons industry.

    We have reached out to the policyholder and hope that we can clarify usage of the vehicle and continue his policy.

    Thank you for using our online services. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your insurance needs for years to come.

    Additionally, we’d like to hear from you! Your feedback is important to us. Please take this short survey to help us improve our customer service.


    Danielle Dennis
    Your GEICO Internet Team”


  11. Ted N Says:

    Harumph. USAA, FTW.

  12. Lazy Bike Commuter Says:

    I agree with Settles–I don’t work for the DoD directly, but I work for a contractor and I’m on a military base. Almost all of my coworkers are super-conservative.

    I was very happy on my first day when I went in the break room and the TV was tuned to Fox News and there were a lot of issues of American Rifleman in the magazine rack.

  13. Bob Smithey Says:

    Someone should blot out the address… you can read it if you zoom in…

  14. Jim Says:


    Yeah, founded and run by the O’s(who tend to favor some gun control) but they know who their members are. The official stance is to oppose ANY attempts to rate or question the insured about their weapons(at State or Fed level). Plus, they pay replacement value. When your house burns, do you want the 600 dollars you paid for that DPMS 10 years ago? USAA covers current replacement value.

  15. falnfenix Says:

    um…you guys are a bit reactionary without getting the real story. the company had a policy in place before this happened and the dude failed to insure the vehicle properly with them.


  16. comatus Says:

    Settles, thanks for trying to clarify. I’d like to see more. Every insurance company charges differently for a vehicle used in business, and they rate different uses. If you represent yourself as driving your car to work, then use the car to transport materials and products, you will get a nasty letter just like that one. It sure looks like we’re not getting the whole story here.

    Other hand, Gabriel Possenti became the patron saint of handgunners by blowing away a gecko. Youse can look it up.

  17. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Uh, since I live about a half hour from Progressive World Headquarters, here’s some FYI. It’s Owned and Run by a Guy named Peter B. Davis. Yeah, I know, they’re traded on the Stock Exchange, but Davis has the Majority of the Stock out there. Anyway, Davis is so tight with George Soros that many think he will be Soros’s “Heir Apparent.”

    Which explains why the Company is called “Progressive.”

  18. wastme Says:

    @settles – That sounds great but… They fired R. Lee Ermey for something he said about the administration? What’s their explanation for that? Appears to me the email above is a bunch of back peddling and damage control.

    This is what they said about Ermey per the article:
    “Geico tells Fox News that Ermey was not fired and the company had simply moved on.”

    If I have a choice between believing Geico or R. Lee Ermey, I’m going with Ermey.


  19. kbiel Says:

    Thank you Settles for your fine rebuttal. Until last summer, I was a military contractor who spent time Iraq and Afghanistan. My father also works for the FAA. So, I guess that I should know better than to call ANY government employee…er…what did I call them again? Well whatever it was, it was clearly uncalled for and I truly apologize for personally applying it directly to you and your colleagues.

    I guess I might be excused if the government and DoD had a reputation for hoplophobia or made idiotic suggestions about how to best hide in active shooter situations. (And made each military contractor sit through paid hours of computer based training regarding same.) Since those things do not happen; since every Army CG allows soldiers and marine to carry their weapons for defense at places like Fort Hood; since every federal employee and contractor is a model of efficiency and humility; since there is no “only ones” attitude among agencies like the the ATF, FBI, Treasury, etc.; since only a tiny minority of federal employees and contractors voted for gun grabbing politicians; I am most certainly an ignorant ass.

  20. settles Says:

    Feel better?

  21. somejerk Says:

    I know it’s tempting to think we’re being persecuted, but I suspect the policy was cancelled because he was bound at the “personal use” rate, but was using the vehicle for business.

  22. Templar Says:

    Did someone actually say that they were happy when they walked into a room and FAUX news was on? The “we brainwash you, we decide news?” Now that this is out of the way . . . What is all the hub-bub about GEICO so I can cancel my vehicles and homeowners today. R. Lee Ermey was fired from what? Geico caused his firing? Geico is anti-gun? I am just hearing about this and while I KNOW FAUX news sucks, I am PRO GUN RIGHTS! If gecko sneezed anti-gun I am done with them today, yes on a Sunday.

    Thank you,