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Uhm, why?

Private gun sales halted following shooting. Sure, after a negligent discharge, I can see being freaked out. But limiting purchases seems like it’s a bit much.

3 Responses to “Uhm, why?”

  1. Chas Says:

    Any excuse will serve a tyrant.

  2. Barron Barnett Says:

    Uh, it’s my understanding it’s the gun show not the state. The gun show is saying to sell guns you need to have a table. In most places you cannot get a table unless your an FFL.

    Is it an gross overreaction? Yeah, but it’s not surprising given if people are too dumb to unload their shit at home they intend to sell, they shouldn’t be showing up to sell it.*

    Do I think it’s right, hell no, but seriously is anyone surprised in the current climate. Take that dumb son of a bitch responsible out back and beat his ass and inform him he is bared for life.

    *Now it could also be they’re banning private sales at the show because the management is looking at this and realizing they do not have a safe and effective way to properly clear weapons coming in to be sold privately.

  3. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Barron, You’re not correct. It’s the State, in the form of the police chief that works for the State Ag department. It’s being worked on. I suspect we will be able to come to a resolution before the next show.