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Unofficial gun stuff

So, I’ve heard a few things. One of the largest distributors of popular guns in the US has sold hundreds of thousands of their popular guns in less than a month. A record. And, in that same time, about 1,000,000 magazines.

I’m also hearing from people that the large suppliers of ammo reloading supplies have stopped selling to NY because components are the same as ammo. Anyone else have this issue?

15 Responses to “Unofficial gun stuff”

  1. Sigivald Says:

    Makes me wonder what full US non-military capacity is for producing AR lowers and STANAG magazines, just out of curiosity.

    Because they keep being sold out (or insanely high priced billet jobs), and I’m sure everyone that can make them is making all they can to cash in on panic buying.

    Curious to know how much that is – and to point out to gun-banning types that this genie is 100% out of the bottle and it’s far, far, far too late to do anything about it, even if it’d pass muster in the Supreme Court.

  2. ZerCool Says:

    NY resid^H^H^H^H^H inmate confirming that Midway has indeed cancelled backorders for components.

  3. Cargosquid Says:

    I wonder what would happen if the magazines being sold to NY are ONLY 7 rounders….including those ordered by the cops.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Due to the Fact that West Britain (formerly New York State) has imposed some Internet Sales Restrictions (which I THINK Violates Federal Law, but I’m not sure), I’ve advised My Buddy the Surplus Dealer to NOT, repeat NOT take any Orders from the Subjects of West Britain for Magazines, Ammo, etc. Granted, he’s a One-Man Operation, but I’d hate to see an Arrest Warrant put out on him, even though West Britain doesn’t have Jurisdiction in Ohio.

    And WHY IN HELL Remington and any other Gun Manufacturer hasn’t shut down their West Britain Plants and started Moving out to a Free State is beyond me.

  5. Bill Says:

    Maybe NY has threatened to seize the stock at those sites?

    This is Cuomo we’re talking about here.

  6. Not Me Says:

    Ive also been told that a certain very large importer / manufacturer stopped taking orders for 2013… last year. This was by a very trusted industry source.

  7. cayton Says:

    Man, now New York sucks as much as Old York…

  8. Skip Says:

    So, is Kimber gonna move?

  9. Rivrdog Says:

    They ought to move back to Oregon where they started. That would TOTALLY frost the buns off of State Sen. Ginny Burdick, who has a panic attack at the very thought of the 2A, and who has introduced a 2A-denying ban on Well Regulated Militia rifles in the legislature.

  10. Gunnutmegger Says:

    I wonder if the rumors that Remington & Kimber had input on this NY ban are true?

    Odd that two companies that don’t make any high-cap pistols would support a ban on high-cap pistols…

  11. NotClauswitz Says:

    Actually Old York was run by the Vikings and there was a sword and battle axe in every house…

  12. Tirno Says:

    There’s a lot of pent up demand out there. The firearm industry needs to back off on some smaller market opportunities to focus on the larger market opportunities. I propose the Barrett Doctrine be adopted nationwide:

    All firearms manufacturers, retailers, distributors, etc will cease to honor any provision in law that differentiates government/law enforcement purchasers from other civilian purchasers. (Military sales not affected.) Warrantee service will be provided, but the articles repaired will not be shipped back to jurisdictions in which they are not legal to possess by non-government persons.

    Any business not complying will be blackballed by the NSSF and the NRA. Who’s buying from HS Precision these days except ignoramuses and the government? The civilian market is bigger than the .gov market, anyway.

    They may put exemptions into law for government purposes, but nobody else has to honor them. They can build and repair their own firearms. Considering their track record on everything else, you’d have to be a damned fool to put a government built firearm in your holster.

  13. TigerStripe Says:

    Tirno, there is a similar idea over at Gun Nuts Media and I hope it picks up.


  14. stencil Says:

    //because components are the same as ammo.//

    This was introduced by the Massachusetts Attorney General about ten years ago. His office sent letters to Midway, Grafs, and others, telling them that they couldn’t ship reloading components to MA addresses. Over the years, most have caved in to the scam. Most people have developed out-of-state sources for their needs.
    Prohibition never works.

  15. Geodkyt Says:

    cayton Says:
    January 17th, 2013 at 3:47 pm
    Man, now New York sucks as much as Old York…

    No, Old York is much, much, prettier.