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Ronald Regan’s AR-15

And poor trigger discipline. Also, never knew he was a lefty.

12 Responses to “Ronald Regan’s AR-15”

  1. firecapt Says:

    His Colt Rifle looks like the old “Delta H-BAR” with the factory cheekpiece and 3X9 scope.

  2. Ash Says:

    Unspoken subtext of that article – all guns were unloaded, and you can bet the Secret Service checked every orifice to make sure nobody had any ammo on them.

  3. Chas Says:

    No rail on the receiver yet back then.

  4. Geodkyt Says:

    His trigger discipline is pretty typical of people of his age, frankly.

    Look at pictures of soldiers, even in training publications, from WWII. Finger on the trigger in most of them.

  5. Les Jones Says:

    Yep. The Four Rules haven’t always been around, much less formalized and proselytized. Jeff Cooper had to invent them.

  6. steveG Says:

    Makes me wonder if it wasn’t Ron Jr. who wrote that anti ar-15 letter that the Dems like to reference on a regular basis.

  7. Will Says:

    Regarding left-handers:

    Estimation is that Hollywood actors run approx 1/3 lefties.
    Politicians about the same percentage, IIRC.

    US presidents at least 1/3. The Bush I, Perot, and Clinton campaign might have been the first that was all left-handers.

    Left-handers are estimated to amount to 10-14% of a population.

  8. spd Says:

    He is shown signing with his right hand in that publication as well as other photos. I know people who shoot pistol with right hand and long gun left handed. Odd to see, but comes in handy during transition drills.

  9. Norm Says:

    The WW2 soldiers were no doubt using M1 rifles, a rifle with the safety selector inside the trigger guard and thus requires the trigger finger inside the trigger guard.

  10. Aunt Grundy Says:

    Shame on you – he isn’t a lefty – he is left handed!!! That is something completely different.

  11. Geodkyt Says:

    Norm — they did it with the M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, Thompson, M3 Grease Gun, M1 carbine, M1911 pistol, and a variety of revolvers. None of which have the safety in the trigger guard.

    John Garand put the safety there because it was assumed that’s where the trigger finger would be at the beginning of a sudden encounter.

    The US military didn’t REALLY start emphasizing “trigger finger off and out until actually aiming and squeezing” until a bunch of draftees started shooting themselves in the leg doing Quickdraw McGraw crap (generally squeezing the trigger and simultaneously cocking during the draw for a “super-fast” hip shot), with Peacemakers and Ruger Single Six’s during the Cowboy Craze of about 1955 – 1965.

    They even made a half dozen or so training films for the Army and Air Force on “How not to shoot yourself in the thigh with your cowboy gun.” Seriously — we used to watch them (and other 1950-1970 training films) in JROTC when it was too inclement for drill practice. Friggin’ hilarious to watch an actor portraying Pentatomic Private Skippy in his barracks bay, talking like a bad spaghetti western character, suddenly draw and shoot himself in the leg, then try and limp to sick call and pretend “I was just standing there, MMOB (Minding My Own Business), and the gun just magically went off”.

    The universal issue of fully automatic weapons as the default issue also contributed to DoD awareness of trigger discipline — an “Oopsie!” with a Springfield is bad enough, but an “Oopsie” with an M14 or M16 set on “Repel Boarders” can take out most of a squad.

  12. Paul Says:

    Don’t forget this guy was a gun grabber too. He was behind many of California’s earliest crazy gun laws.

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