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Keeping it classy

Sandy Hook Shooting Spree First Person Shooter allows you to shoot Wayne LaPierre in the head.

Update: Tread at that link carefully, internet trolls and graphic pics.

6 Responses to “Keeping it classy”

  1. Other Steve Says:

    “Share this everywhere, especially gun-nut and anti-game websites. Also see if you can’t send it in to the NRA somehow, like through the feedback on their website or something.”

    Don’t feed the troll… his trolling is weak enough to very easily ignore.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is best ignored until we can burn it down with our minds.


  3. Phelps Says:

    Gun control rests primarily on psychological projection. Because they are constantly suppressing the urge to go on violent murder sprees, they project that urge onto “gun nuts” as a defense mechanism to their own depravity.

  4. Chas Says:

    If anybody actually does shoot him, there will be hell to pay, and I don’t take cash.

  5. Michael Curtis Says:

    Can I replace the images with obama or failosi

    im betting no

  6. dan Says:

    And yet I heard Bob Beckel on The Five yesterday berating the NRA for a video game that allows players to shoot at obviously not human targets. And calling the NRA names, as is his wont.