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Why would anyone need more than some arbitrary number of rounds?

Six suspects in armed home invasion

6 Responses to “Why would anyone need more than some arbitrary number of rounds?”

  1. Jeff from DC Says:

    Maybe you could take a few out at once by pulling a Quigley?

  2. Michael Says:

    Iím a cri..mutter mutter defen.. ahem, uh, attorney, and have represented clients in this very scenario on more than one occasion. While any one of the defendants was a genuinely bad guy by him or herself, when working together (as with any pack mentality) rational thought and fear went out the window. Hot prowl? No problem. Walk in through an open door and start tying people up? So yesterday. Make them lead you around the house and show you where the really good stuff is? Check, um…allegedly, of course. Nothing that canít be done with five, six or seven like minded individuals. I have to bite my lip when my fellow defenders of the presumed innocent (not even the faintest bit of sarcasm in that by the way), who also represent such folks, lecture me on why anything with more than 10 rounds is horrible. One, a retired NYPD cop, told me he got through an entire career with just a six shooter. Of course, in all three of his gunfights he admits to shooting, yep, all six rounds every time and, once, a second set of six. After 10 years he still looks at my cocked and locked 1911 like itís Satanís Spawn ready to hop out of my belt and lay waste to a small village. He would probably stroke out if I carried my Hi-Power or, heaven forbid, a Glock.

  3. Skip Says:

    Had a home invasion close to here by ten guys. Got away in two cars.

  4. Rignerd Says:

    Let me try a little math here.

    The Lady hiding with the kids in the crawl space had to shoot that guy five times before he decided to drive around and find nicer victims.

    There were 6 bad guys in this event.


    Maybe I should see if there are any weapons with a 30 round standard capacity for my home defense needs.

  5. DaveR Says:

    Even if you own 10 ARs and 10 AKs, the chances of having any one of them handy when stormed by 6 or more home invaders are very low.

    The reason why it’s hard to defend yourself in our society is because acts of violent aggression are so rare; it’s hard to stay alert while living in a general atmosphere of peace and stability.

  6. wastme Says:

    It will get easier and easier since the “general atmosphere of peace and stability” is fading away.