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Anonymous responds to gun control

Video here

5 Responses to “Anonymous responds to gun control”

  1. DevsAdvocate Says:

    Longer version here:

    Not sure if it is real or not.

  2. McThag Says:

    Can someone post a synopsis?

    I don’t wanna give them the hits.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    What McThag said.

    And I’m not sure I want those terrorists* on my side.

    (* “We’re going to DDOS your servers until you accede to our demands” sounds like terrorist tactics to me, even if their threat isn’t death or violence.

    Or at least they’re like the Mob.

    It sure as hell ain’t “democracy”.)

  4. wallphone Says:

    Anonymous appears to have posted to Google docs, and some youtuber uploaded it there.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Okay, that’s just creepy.