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Universal Background Checks

4 questions. Because, you know, criminals will make sure to get a background check.

4 Responses to “Universal Background Checks”

  1. Chas Says:

    They’ll try to pass a universal background check law without universal registration, and then they’ll come back later for the registration requirement “to make it work”.
    In New York State, they absolutely had to have a ban on over 10-round magazines in ’94, but existing magazines that were over 10 rounds were grandfathered. Now, they say that since they can’t tell the difference between pre-ban and post-ban mags that are over 10 rounds, they have to ban them all completely, with no grandfathering.
    Inevitably, they link whatever law they got passed before with a new law that they want now.
    The “gun show loophole” has now become the “private sale loophole” because they think that they can get away with it. Next is the “lack of registration loophole”. As someone once put it, “With these people, the Second Amendment is a loophole”.
    As we used to say in the Navy: “Not ‘no’, but ‘Fuck no’.

  2. gene Says:

    Why not allow anyone selling to make contact for a backgroud check. Much easier than finding a dealer, also since this is a check on people no paper work is required.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    Or expand Illinois’ FOID nationwide. “I see an FOID card with your picture with your name on it. Here is your gun, gimme my money.” End of transaction and documentation.

    Would work fine except in those states (and you know who you are!) that absolutely positively must track every citizen’s private property.

    And as I’ve asked before, (Here in Tennessee) If I’M the one being background checked, why does TBI need the make, model and serial number?

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    And of course they forget the elephant in the room, which is the illegal gun markets that already exist. Its illegal for people to sell STOLEN guns (and we know guns are stolen every day), and its illegal to arm gang members and drug dealers, or use guns to barter for illegal goods or services. These sales happen every day.

    Hell here in Mass the cops are looking for two young men who were attempting to sell a pair of pistols on the SUBWAY. Massachusetts banned private sales, yet there they are!