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Friends in high places

It pays to be David Gregory, who is not going to jail for violating DC’s gun laws. So much for his defense fund. And the good thing about this is that gun control just lost. It’s an admission that the law is mostly pointless.

3 Responses to “Friends in high places”

  1. Chas Says:

    Mere gun possession is a victimless, political crime. Criminalizing the possession of a magazine, which is inherently harmless in and of itself, amounts to victimizing someone for the sake of making a fashion statement.

    As Oleg Volk said it so well:
    “The entire concept of prosecuting innocent possession instead of harmful actions is actively malicious because it ruins real lives over imaginary offenses.”

    It’s bad enough when they turn the right to bear arms into the crime of gun possession, but when they start criminalizing possession of accessories, that’s so grossly excessive as to be intolerable.

  2. MJM Says:

    I have had lots of fun with this at David Gregory’s expense. How salient that the prosecutor’s official statement said no public purpose would be accomplished by prosecuting him, since he lacked any sort of criminal intent.
    Well, yeahhhh. What about the rest of us? We lack criminal intent, too.
    I appreciate prosecutorial discretion: it is a check on abuse. But, where law over-criminalizes benign behavior, the we get all of the favors for special people—like David Gregory.

  3. JKB Says:

    But it is a good opportunity for defense attorneys to appeal to jury nullification in future prosecutions.