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But they don’t want to ban all guns, like your shotgun

Except, you know, when they do. In this go ’round of a proposed ban, they ban the KSG shotgun and the mini 14s.

2 Responses to “But they don’t want to ban all guns, like your shotgun”

  1. Paul Says:

    They will ban selected items and then later if any of the items not selected are used in a crime they will point out the need to ban those items. Over time very weapon known to man has been used in a crime and thus, but increatmentalization they will be able to ban EVERYTHING.

    Proof of that is the U.K. where they have done just that (and even banned knives and sooner or later martial arts training.)

    The U.K. is now looking on restricting kitchen knives to 4 inch blade lengths to. Yes kitchen knives!

  2. workinwifdakids Says:

    But what if they knew no one could actually *get* a KSG? 🙂