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Nobody needs a gun

Because you’re not important like me: Obama signs bill giving himself lifetime Secret Service protection

7 Responses to “Nobody needs a gun”

  1. Brick Says:


  2. Cargosquid Says:

    A conservative Republican put the bill forth…Rep. Gowdy, I think.

    It covers Bush and Clinton too, if they want protection.

  3. Rob Says:

    It covers Bush and Clinton too, if they want protection.

    Clinton was already covered. The bill that limited protection to 10 years only kicked in for presidents who were elected after 1997, AKA George Bush and Obama.

  4. Chas Says:

    Obama gives himself lifetime, armed Secret Service protection, but he refuses to give schoolchildren adequate, armed protection from mass murderers, so that he can reap the poltical benefits of their massacres for his gun ban agenda. Obama wants schoolchildren murdered. His gun ban agenda demands it.

  5. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    I know I have told the story here before, but after Obama was elected four Chinook helicopters worth of guns landed in Washington Park (51st to 59th Street) in Hyde Park. Everything came off, custom sniper rigs, M4s, M110s, pistols, AT4s, frags, ammo. The floors in the Kenwood place must sag from all the weight.

    Obama’s new place in Kenwood is protected by Jersey barriers, cement mixers, fat Chicago coppers and USSS standing around and up on roofs throughout the neighborhood. And yet, Barry deems you unworthy of having the weapons that protect him and his family.

  6. Ron W Says:

    The evil of this is unimaginable and despicable!! I have no problem with president’s having lifetime protection, but given that they are our PUBLIC SERVANTS administrating OUR GOVERNMENT under OUR LAW,Constitution and Bill of Rights, they should, no MUST, be respectfully obedient to that LAW and thus NEVER speak or act in anyway to restrict or deny us the right to acquire,keep and carry the same armed protection that WE PROVIDE for them!!

  7. comatus Says:

    I would give him the same lifetime protection that Edward Everett Hale gave Philip Nolan (Funny, Hollywood hasn’t remade that one in 40 years).

    In four more years, we may not have the frigates for it. Gitmo beckons. I’ve got your “protection,” right here.