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National conversation on guns

The White House won’t meet with the Second Amendment Foundation. Well, I guess it is tough to meet the group kicking anti-gun ass in the courts in person.

13 Responses to “National conversation on guns”

  1. montieth Says:

    I want them to fixate on the NRA to the front. That way Gura can come from behind and zap them in the courts.

    The NRA is the right weapon for the legislative branch.

    The SAF is the right weapon for the courts.

  2. aerodawg Says:

    Been meaning to join the SAF for a while. This seems like a perfect time…

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    Biden never had any intention of actually listening to what gun owners have to say. He just invited the NRA for show, and the NRA attended for the same reason.

  4. wizardpc Says:

    What montieth says

  5. Chas Says:

    I don’t think that NRA will meet with him either, but Alan Gottlieb has been soldiering on as a professional gun rights activist since forever. He’s dedicated his life to fighting for our rights – we owe him. I let my SAF membership lapse, but I will be renewing it.

  6. Chas Says:

    If you’re ever at a loss for what to say or how to say it, let me give you this advice – pick an actor’s voice. For me, sometimes it’s Eastwood when the appropriate response is a kick in the balls to something outrageous. For an approach that needs more wisdom, there’s the voice of Heston – even tempered, kindly and liberal in the classic sense of the unfortunately now perverted word. Bronson could sum things up in a short sentence. John Wayne’s voice contains a great deal of pithy wisdom, inelegantly and manly stated. Kurt Russell could kick your ass with a sentence or two. There are many others. Just imagine the voice in your mind and let it speak.
    In these trying times, think of the wisdom of those guiding voices and how they would respond to the outrages that are being inflicted upon us daily.

    Put up resistance!

    Where did I get that expression? From this song:

    Yeah, it’s an old Toots and the Maytals update, and Buju got ten years for cocaine (?), but ya gotta love that expression: Put up resistance!
    And it’s a good song, look up the original by Toots.

  7. Old NFO Says:

    Yep, SAF will hand them their asses… Alan Gura to the rescue!

  8. Michael Curtis Says:

    I’m gonna leave this right here

    Untrackable, untraceable, and completely illegal.

    Now I ask you…. if owning an AR15 is going to be illegal and treated like an m16.

    Why not just own an m16.

    (note: I am not advocating the commissioning of a crime nor proposing that I would myself, but…. its a valid question)

  9. Countertop Says:

    Here is who THEY DID meet with.

    If you shop t any of these stores, or belong to any of these organizations (thinking DU and Pheasants Forever), then it’s time to let your membership/customer dollars do some talking.

    11:45 a.m.: Sportsmen and Women and Wildlife Interest Groups:

    Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

    BlueWater Strategies

    Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance Action Fund

    Ducks Unlimited

    Outdoor Industry Association

    Pheasants Forever

    Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

    Wildlife Management Institute

    1:45 p.m.: Gun Owners’ Groups:

    Defense Small Arms Advisory Council (DSAAC.)

    Firearms Import/Export Roundtable

    Independent Firearm Owners Association (IFoA)

    National Rifle Association of America

    National Shooting Sports Foundation

    National Association of Arms Shows

    6:00 p.m.: Representatives from the Entertainment Industry:

    Branded Entertainment


    Directors Guild of America

    Independent Film & Television Alliance

    Motion Picture Association of America

    National Association of Broadcasters

    National Association of Theatre Owners

    National Cable and Telecommunications Association

    3:15 p.m.: Retailers

    Attorney General Eric Holder will meet with retailers as part of the sessions being held at the White House by Vice President Biden.

    Below is a list of the retailers who will be attendance.

    Academy Sports + Outdoors

    Bass Pro Shops

    Big 5 Sporting Goods


    Dick’s Sporting Goods

    Dunham’s Sports

    Gander Mountain

    Sportsman’s Warehouse


    National Retail Federation (tentative)

  10. Countertop Says:

    By the way, dollars to donuts, bluewater strategies is actually the Izaak Walton league. Jonathan Birdsong, a lobbyists there represents Izaak Walton.

  11. Countertop Says:

    And he used to work for Miike Thompson who is a D from California who is leading things on this front for Obama in the house (he used to have a rural district, now he represents vineyards and rich computer people in Sonoma county (just north of San Fran)

  12. Dave D. Says:

    Don’t you think many of these organizations attended just to see what was going on? If I had been invited, I’d have gone just to see what they were up to. I don’t think attendance alone means they’re buying into the program.

    I’ll wait to see what the businesses/organizations do next before I boycott them.

    Besides, National Rifle Association of America and National Shooting Sports Foundation are on your list. Boycotting them isn’t going to help the cause at all.

  13. wizardpc Says:

    Walmart has ceased resupplying ammunition. Corporate won’t buy anymore until this thing is over.