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Forced armament

I don’t support proposals requiring people to arm themselves, though that idea is at the heart of the militia. But a Utah town toned it down and voted to recommend you arm yourself.

5 Responses to “Forced armament”

  1. Six Says:

    You know, it’s funny. We don’t have school shootings in Utah. Maybe it’s all that alcohol abstinence.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    A requirement is as bad as a ban, rights-wise. A recommendation is good, though. I’m not sure teacher union type educrats are the ones I want armed, generally, but remove the restrictions; that’ll go farther than anything else. I have misgivings, shall we say, about sending my kids into a building where it has to be a really special occasion for me to go because I object so strongly to going naked.

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    In Utah it’s not a problem: Concealed carry with a permit has been legal here for years. Any teacher with a valid CCW permit can legally carry at school, but whether or not the school district allows them to do so and keep their job is another story.

  4. Tango Says:

    Utah does allow that, but the school district CANNOT legally prohibit it nor can they give any backlash to teachers who do carry if they found out about it. Our preemption prevents ANY state, local, or county agency from enacting or enforcing any rule or law governing the possession of handguns except where specified in the Uniform Code. Sure, we’re an ‘at will’ state so they can fire you for pretty much anything, but the rigamarole that the school districts have to go through to fire a teacher is tremendous, unless it’s for something HUGE like child abuse, etc. Even incompetence would take MONTHS AND MONTHS of fully documented slack-assery to fire them. A superintendent who decides to fire a teacher for a firearm and claim it’s because they suck at their job would be in for a sizable lawsuit.

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Screw that.

    We have had to buy a permit to exercise a basic human right for decades.

    They can pony up cash for permit to not carry if they want others to protect them. And they shouldn’t be allowed to vote if they buy one.