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He’s always an idiot

But this time he’s an idiot about something I care about:

Ed Schultz: Gun violence is worse in Chicago because they don’t have any gun laws

I guess not having a complete ban means no gun laws?

3 Responses to “He’s always an idiot”

  1. Pop N Fresh Says:

    This morning NPR was complaining about how much more lax Chicago’s gun laws are than New York’s, they manipulated it to sound like most gun laws bad been done away with in Chicago recently and that’s why there is so much death and violence there.

  2. ProudMarineDad Says:

    This is all part of a well orchestrated disinformation campaign intended to pull the sheeple over to the “Guns are bad” position and cast firearm owners and industry as social pariahs. And they’re being successful. Once there, anything we say in opposition will be termed “extreme,” and subject to ridicule. Facts aren’t relevant.

  3. Man in the Middle Says:

    In Chicago even pepper spray is illegal, along with pocket knives over 3″ in length.