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Polls and support

No groundswell of support for gun control

But polls support armed guards in schools

Also, the loaded, biased question isn’t getting the support.

3 Responses to “Polls and support”

  1. Chas Says:

    When those kids went back to the relocated Sandy Hook Elementary School, there was a very heavy police presence. Guns with bullets in them galore there. Too bad there wasn’t one gun to defend those kids at the other location when it was needed.
    If some commie lib starts mouthing off about keeping “gun free school zones”, I just might punch him in the mouth. That kind of BS talk cost 20 kids and 6 adults their lives. STFU with it!
    If we don’t have people with guns protecting our kids, we don’t have people protecting our kids. People who are so anti-gun that they would rather see dead kids in schools than see guns there should be shouted down. No sane parent would rather see her kids dead than defended with a gun, but there are parents out there who are so liberal that they cannot be considered sane.
    We do not have to invent the wheel here. We know how to protect people and things that are important. We do it by having men with guns guard them. That’s how we do it, because we know from experience that works. Letís do it!

  2. Reputo Says:

    I like the bar graphs. The difference between 51% and 53% (2%) is miniscule. Between 43% and 44% (1%) is graphically about 5 times the size. Great reporting!

  3. milquetoast Says:

    A visualization Reputo’s observation of USA Today’s graph fudging. And it just coincidentally happens to enlarge the bar showing support for a ban to the same size as those who oppose it.