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Not happening?

Stephen Carter:

Support for stricter U.S. gun laws hasnít jumped as fast or as far in recent weeks as many liberals had hoped and expected. If youíre wondering why, maybe the reason is the shakiness of the publicís trust in government itself.
After the horrific murders three weeks ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, gun-control advocates confidently predicted that a wave of revulsion would sweep the nation. We would, in the popular argot, ďhit the reset button,Ē beginning a fresh debate on new terms.

It hasnít happened that way.

We’ll see. I don’t have much faith in Republicans to not cave.

9 Responses to “Not happening?”

  1. DevsAdvocate Says:

    I don’t see why the Republicans have to cave at all. What are they going to get out of doing so?

  2. Chas Says:

    “I donít see why the Republicans have to cave at all. What are they going to get out of doing so?”

    More hot sex with their Democrat doms. After the cliff cave, I have had it with the Republican Party. They cave on guns, I form a local rape squad.

  3. Ron W Says:

    House Republicans should simply demand a full accounting of “Fast and Furious” before any gun legislation is considered–and then the Obama Administration will drop the gun law issue. When Romney merely mentioned “Fast and Furious” in the first debate, Obama was clearly shaken. Of course, Mitt never went back to the issue.

    The ONLY thing that should be done by Congress is to end Federally imposed “gun-free zones” and allow OUR KIDS to be protected like HIS (Obama’s) KIDS!

  4. snoopycomputer Says:

    Hopefully the mindset shift of “what to do with a terrorist aboard an airline flight” is also happening to the “do we really need guns” question.
    Nowadays when Hajii makes his presence known aboard flight 101, everybody makes like John McClane & MacGuyver and pummels him with everything and anything at hand.
    Now when prescription-drug-boy shows up at the next mass shooting, hopefully everyone is beginning to see the importance of having the right tool to rectify the situation. And to have that tool immediately in THEIR hands, not just the trained professionals.

    No one argues with the importance to start CPR right away, even though the one doing it may not be an EMT or doctor.
    No one argues with picking up a fire extinguisher to hit that fire while it’s small even though you’re not a fire fighter.
    No one argues that setting up road flares around a car accident at night is a good idea, even though you are not a police officer.

  5. Ron W Says:

    Maybe people are seeing through the immediate seizing upon a tragic event to use ignorance, bigotry and prejudice to advance an agenda…one in which those who want to take away weapons which they keep for themselves and keep “gun-free zones” for us and our children while they and their children are surrounded by armed security.


  6. rickn8or Says:

    ďI donít see why the Republicans have to cave at all. What are they going to get out of doing so?Ē

    Because if they don’t cave, the Democrats and the MSM will call them ugly names.

    “House Republicans should simply demand a full accounting of ‘Fast and Furious’ before any gun legislation is considered…” I’m having a real hard time envisioning any House Republican “demanding” anything.

    And snoopycomputer, your second and third paragraphs NAIL it! Suggest widest dissemination.

  7. Chas Says:

    When it comes to caving, the Republicans are professional spelunkers:

    As I posted at Jacob’s site:

    Representative King may be the ugliest woman in the New York delegation, but she really shouldn’t dress so butch, because it really doesn’t do justice to her soft, feminine, gun banning side. Maybe she should wear a Muumuu instead – it would suit her demeanor better.

  8. Ron W Says:

    The Republicans only need to consider one bill to help protect our children:

    HR 133 – Thomas Massie (R-KY)
    To repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and amendments to that Act.
    Referred to the House Judiciary Committee

    Pass that, send it to the Senate. The let them “cave” into allowing our children the same protection they have. Send it to the President and let him “cave” into allowing OUR CHILDREN the same protection he has EVERYWHERE and the same protection HIS CHILDREN have.

  9. Steve Says:

    A Republican controlled house should be able to inspire absolute confidence on this issue from us. I hope that congressional Republicans are noting how little faith the base has in them and are resolving to do better.
    The media and some members of the far left political class may be sensing an opportunity but fortunately, the legislative process moves too slowly for them to be able to capitalize on Sandy Hook before the hysteria dies down. I think it already has.
    Back in reality land, I don’t think polling has shown majority support for another AWB and that polling doesn’t take into account who is a “likely voter” on this issue. How many voters, outside of his immediate family can Mayor Bloomberg deliver on this issue? How many can the NRA?
    The NRA has about 4.3 million dues paying members, more than double what we had 20 years ago, not to mention a couple of favorable supreme court decisions. Remember 1994. Make sure that your legislators do as well.