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Bloomberg doesn’t support publishing lists of gun permit holders

I wonder why? Also:

“The public owns the data,” he said. “On the other hand I’m not so sure we should go publish everybody’s tax return…or everybody’s psychiatric records if they have dealings with a public hospital. Do we really want that?”

Well, some of the proposed changes to NICS entail gathering mental health records. Just sayin’

11 Responses to “Bloomberg doesn’t support publishing lists of gun permit holders”

  1. JD Rush Says:

    Will people start asking the right questions- why does so and so have a gun permit, but you denied mine?

  2. RC Says:

    Who the hell says the public owns the data. The whole permit process is something entirely unnecessary that is imposed on people against their will. How does that infringement imply that the “public” (bless their nasty, black little hearts) is entitled to the information.

  3. countertop Says:

    He doesn’t like it because it turns national public opinion strongly against him and gives tremendous support to people opposed to Gus national registries.

  4. 4strokes Says:

    RC, exactly the point. In the first place “public” does not own the data, the government has been entrusted with the data to fulfill some bs regulation that the government had no right to demand.

  5. Chas Says:

    Someone was just calling for the list of people who own guns in Manhattan to be published to show how the wealthy and well connected get the privilege of a pistol license; I think it was Ann Coulter.
    That’s been done before, and NYC government hated it when the information was made public, because it shows their hypocrisy.
    Bloomberg absolutely does not want the list published because it confirms that handguns are for the privileged few in NYC. In the past, pro-gun people have wanted the list published to show the unfairness of the system – no equality under the law. People who are wealthy and famous get pistol licenses, while ordinary people get denied – itís not treated as a right in NYC, itís treated as a privilege, and thatís now illegal, since itís now clearly an individual right according to the Supreme Court. Mayor Bloomberg will be in big trouble if that list gets out, because it will mean a lawsuit that will pry open the system for ďthe little peopleĒ.
    These lists of gun owners around the state should be scrapped. Good people with guns don’t need to be on the list, and criminals with guns aren’t on the list. The list is a government fraud that pretends to be doing something. It does nothing. The Emperor has no clothes – they should admit it and be honest for a change.

  6. Old NFO Says:

    +1 on Chas comment… It WOULD show the hypocrisy of Bloomie and others (any bets HE has a permit)!

  7. Ron W Says:

    The government requires information for a gun permit that violates the 4th Amendment, then these so-called liberals who SAY they support the right to privacy, want the government to give up the illegally acquired private information–only when it comes to gun owners.

  8. anon Says:

    Seems to me that if gov gun permits are public knowledge, then so is every government funded abortion and every abortion at every clinic receiving public money…

  9. Ron W Says:

    Oh no, anon, abortionists and their clients have a right to privacy and the HIPPA law gives it Federal backing. Abortion is a right according to the SCOTUS, but never mind the 2nd Amendment…or any other part of the Bill of Rights which are to violated when it comes to restricting or denying the RKBA.

    And of course, the rich, the famous and the powerful eltie ruling class are allowed armed self-defense, but not the common people in violation of the 14th Amendment’s ” equal protection of the laws” one of the two which overturned the 1857 SCOTUS decision keeping slavery legal in the U.S.

  10. Chas Says:

    A list of people who carry the deadly AIDS virus would allow others to avoid having sex with them, and thereby spreading the disease, but any group that can be identified as a constituent group of the Democratic Party is entitled to the strictest privacy by law.
    The left uses privacy as an offensive and defensive political weapon. They go on the offensive against gun owners with a public list of their names and addresses, while defending their constituent groups with the strictest privacy. You’ll never see a list of people on welfare, or women who’ve had abortions at public expense, or people who have the AIDS virus. The left champions “the right to privacy” when it suits their political agenda, and they demand “the public’s right to know” when they have opportunity to harm their political enemies. The hypocrisy never ends.
    In New York State, ownership of a cartridge-firing handgun requires a license, even to merely possess it, and that means being on a list that is a matter of public record that is available to the public. No privacy for gun owners – they tend to vote Republican too much, and what passes for Republicans in this state are too ignorant, and easily co-opted by the Democrats, to protect their own constituents.
    We need to end the requirement to be on a list. Good people donít need to be on a list, and criminals arenít on it to begin with. The emperor has no clothes – the list is a fraud. The only list that the police need to work with is a list of convicted criminals and mentally incompetent people who are prohibited from owning guns. Government should leave the rest of us alone.

  11. comatus Says:

    It’s a little ironic that Robert Bork missed out on this. When it comes to issues of “constitutional privacy” he was the big daddy — and paid the price, too.