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National Conversation on Guns

Is petering out. That’s pretty much what I expected. Brian Doherty with more.

A lot of the gun control types are pretty much stark-raving lunatics that threaten to round people up and toss out the occasional dick joke. And that’s a huge part of why they lose.

5 Responses to “National Conversation on Guns”

  1. ExurbanKevin Says:

    There are still some things we need to talk about, especially when it comes to anti-gunners and their hatred of women.

  2. DocMerlin Says:

    The lefty pundits on facebook are still posting non-stop about guns. Give it a few more week, or another news issue.

  3. mikee Says: is a website where anyone can post anything, and it is viewed regularly by a large proportion of the young under-25 crowd in this country.

    It is virulently anti-gun, with a hive-mind that promotes anti-gun articles to higher status and destroys any posting of a pro-rights article.

    If I were the least suspicious, I would suspect those social media gurus from Obama’s campaign were still being paid to post anti-gun articles there and promote them endlessly.

  4. Acme_Rocket Says:

    Mikee, that’s possible. I think a more likely possibility is that everyone posting comments and content with a gun control angle just have less to do with their day. Firearms and ammo isn’t all that cheap, the rest of us have to work.

  5. Mike Says:

    There’s a flaw in the logic here: assuming that the use of a single phrase (“gun control”) is indicative of a reduction in the media traffic on a subject.

    The journalists are still pushing the meme, but they’re using different terms. I would be very interested to see the numbers for “assault weapons”, “automatic guns”, “assault rifles”, “high capacity magazines”, and “high capacity clips”. While we’re looking in one area, the press is playing in a different field (and pulling the rest of the country with them).