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So, we have a bunch of gun nuts and nerds that read this

I was out today trying to mark a property line using some string. I had one pin on one end and another on the other. Running the string proved difficult due to trees, slopes, brush and all manner of other things in the way. So, I had an idea! A string gun! Put in a roll of string (this style), attach the string to the gun and launch the roll. Any idea the best way to do that?

33 Responses to “So, we have a bunch of gun nuts and nerds that read this”

  1. Robert Says:

    Sounds like a stunt from The Wild, Wild West if you ask me. Use your sleeve derringer!

  2. Barron Barnett Says:

    This has been done a lot for pulling antenna’s for HAM radio. Here’s one of the guns I’ve seen.

    You could easily modify it for that type of string, or just put that on the fishing reel and you’re set.

  3. Chas Says:

    When I was in the Navy on aircraft carriers, they used an M-14 to lauch a line over to a supply ship for underway replenishment.
    Like this:

  4. Barron Barnett Says:

    @Chas, you could probably modify the AR-15 golf ball launcher and create a slug with the string attached.

    Then you’d just need a pile of blanks.

  5. John Says:

    Sure, firearms are good — but a slingshot might work pretty well, too. I use something like this to launch a tied weight into high trees: but with a nylon mason’s line because that’s what I had laying around in the garage.

  6. oldgeezer Says:

    We use a bow and training arrow to pull cable over uneven ground. If we have to do it in suspended ceilings, we use an old fashioned little kid’s bow and arrow (remember the old rubber tipped arros) with string attached. Then pull cable with the string.

  7. Joey Says:

    Barron beat me to it. Use the AR golf ball launcher. Piss of some antis while doing your job 🙂

  8. Chris Says:

    We used a crossbow with a string reel on it to run coax back in the day… I believe that they actually make them now for sale.


  9. JT Says:

    …Or you could use the “old-fashioned” version of that M-14, the “Lyle” line-throwing gun:

  10. USCitizen Says:

    The Crossbow/fishing line reel combo was my first thought. Maybe aim about 25% higher to compensate for the string weight.

  11. Druid Says:

    Unfortunately marking a property line means making a clear line with a chainsaw and machete, or a MICLIC.

  12. Skip Says:

    For prop lines I use a laser.

  13. Canthros Says:

    Clearly, the *best* way is a trebuchet.

    The other suggestions are probably more practical, though.

  14. J T Bolt Says:

    This might do it for you or some modification thereof.

  15. Richard Says:

    Sounds like an assault weapon to me.

  16. snoopycomputer Says:

    Richard, yup- assault weapon.
    J T’s link DOES go “bbbbbrrrrrppp”

  17. guy Says:

    “Clearly, the *best* way is a trebuchet.”

    Damn you.

    Ok, how about Trebuchet + monomolecular wire!

    That’ll take care of the shrubbery problem as well.

  18. Rich Says:


  19. mikee Says:

    And this is why I come to this website.

    Every once in a while, well, pretty regularly actually, a whole ‘nother dimension is opened to my gazing eyes, a dimension I had never even imagined existed until it gets laid out before me.

  20. Jay G. Says:

    What about one of those stupidly powerful lasers, the ones that pop balloons? Couldn’t you just burn a line into the vegetation?

  21. hilljohnny Says:

    potato gun sized for tennis ball. use a large needle to poke the line through the ball.

  22. workinwifdakids Says:

    JT beat me to it: the Lyle gun.

  23. comatus Says:

    M-14?! In the *real* Navy, that would have been a Lee-Enfield. 6mm. When ready, Gridley.

    A higher-power laser works here on several levels. One, you could (if you were “so inclined”) eliminate the string thing altogether [eliminate the string thing]. Or, you could aim that thrower real good. Another few watts and the brush is no longer a problem.

    It’s going to be fun when we get to the lime and chalk. That’s the part I’d like to watch, provided I’m standing behind you.

  24. Bryan S. Says:

    I find it horribly ironic that the paintball gun that JY’s link looks to be pattern after is a Brass Eagle product (Brass Eagle is owned by the same company as the goggle maker JT).

    I bet with $50 and a bit of thought you could make your one from a much more reliable paint delivery system.

  25. jon spencer Says:

    Here is the one you want.

  26. 1 With A Bullet Says:

    The Cabelas Bridger is impressive but nothing quite has the style of a good ole harpoon gun.

  27. bigfingo Says:

    if you use the MICLIC let me know. I want to watch. At a respectable distance.

  28. ZerCool Says:

    I’m sure something from Cat would do the job nicely… 🙂

  29. Mu Says:

    The MICLIC is a bit overkill, but I bet a reel of detcord for the first shot would help greatly in clearing a way for a good line.

  30. Geodkyt Says:

    Wrist rocket for tennis balls:

    Retriever training dummy launcher (uses .22 blanks, like a nail gun):

    These aren;t even teh cheaperst options for each, just teh first ones I hit on Amazon.

  31. Geodkyt Says:

    “cheaperest”? Sheesh. . . {slunk}

  32. lyford Says:

    Mossberg line launcher:

  33. montieth Says:

    Or Lee Enfield with the cup grenade launcher. A tennis ball just fits. Use that for your line throwing.