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Reality check

I never thought I’d see the real meaning of the second amendment covered on TeeVee news: News, Weather

4 Responses to “Reality check”

  1. Dano Says:

    Ben Swann is an excellent journalist and his reality check segment is always very good.

  2. Chris Says:

    Ben Swan is one of the best (although I guess he really doesn’t have much competition) – and he doesn’t pull any punches. He did some great pieces back during the conventions shining a light on the idiocy from both sides. He’s got a good YT channel for Reality Check and just started a new one called Full Disclosure that covers stuff even WXIX won’t air.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Wow. Most on the “pro gun” side are too chicken shit to say that. Too bad LaPierre can’t say it like that.

  4. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    What I hate about this is that he’s speaking the truth and we say how awesome it is that he isn’t chicken shit. What I see is that everyone else, including LaPierre, IS chicken shit. It’s an attrocity to applaud one man for speaking the truth when we should be throwing chicken shit (literally?) on all of our so called representatives who are NOT speaking the truth.

    Just my .02 worth of chicken shit,

    Disavowed With Honor