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Domestic terrorists

Those right wing extr . . . wait a minute.

2 Responses to “Domestic terrorists”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    To be fair, mostly what they had was instructions on how to make illegal items. Most of the books that they had are available at any gun show.
    The HMTD they had weighed in at 7 grams. That is about the combined weight of a nickel and a penny. Hardly dangerous.

  2. Guav Says:

    Yeah, I would add that reading materials make them sound like they had serious intentions, but I have so much sketchy reading material I don’t even know what it would make me sound like if they wrote a newspaper profile on me. I have probably 1000 books, including political books of all types from left to right, and stuff from the Anarchist Cookbook to the Turner Diaries. I am not an anarchist or a white supremacist, but I could certainly be painted to appear as either if a reporter cited specific books I had.