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It’s OK when affluent white people do it

Politico says the Gregory investigation is silly and ridiculous. And also notes that Gregory is under investigation, out of headlines. But this:

Those who argue that the investigation is ludicrous have a point: Showing an empty gun magazine on television, though illegal in Washington, D.C., was hardly going to harm anyone.

Sure. And anyone possessing one isn’t going to harm anyone. If they’re the right people, right?

15 Responses to “It’s OK when affluent white people do it”

  1. J T Bolt Says:

    Wait, wasn’t the Connecticut shooter affluent white people like David Gregory?


  2. Bram Says:

    So if I have a bunch of 30-rnd mags and don’t harm anyone, it’s okay?

    That will certainly be my attitude if Congress was to pass a ban.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Gregory is a member of the ruling class, a member of the EXCLUSIVE, ELITE Council of Foreign Relations which is pervasive in the top echelons of government, corporate media and other postions of power, wealth and influence. They speak and act with impunity in disdain of “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment, one of two which ended slavery) In their minds, they OWN us and they are now “in your face” with it!!

  4. Chas Says:

    Some animals are more equal than others, and David Gregory is more equal than just about anybody.
    How many people could flagrantly violate the law on national television, and then just keep right on going as if it never happened? Certainly not you or I.

  5. JD Rush Says:

    David Gregory is now the poster boy for arguing against magazine restrictions. No one can be let off the hook for having “no intent to do harm.” Intent has nothing to do with gun control laws, they are arbitrary by design.

  6. NotClauswitz Says:

    It’s a felony in California to wave around a Brownell’s magazine because Brownell’s didn’t even get into the magazine manufacturing biz until post-ban.

  7. Chas Says:

    The crime in D.C. is possession not intention.

  8. Druid Says:

    I found it interesting that the SS went along with Obama’s appearance with that David Gregory (known firearms law violator) – SS don’t care if you have a conviction, were they setting the POTUS up or over-ruled?

  9. MAJMike Says:

    Laws are for the little people.

  10. CarlS Says:

    So the press and the loony left each embrace the theory that it’s okay to break stupid laws as long as it’s done in public I order to educate”? Do I have that right?

    Okay . . . We can test the validity of the theory – as well as the veracity of their claims – right now. And very easily, too.

    Get out the old cardboard, crayons, scissors, and scotch tape. Make your own (simulated) evil black rifle automatic shooting “clips”. Then, take a couple in each hand and go for a walk.

    Try to ensure this happens where there are cameras. Surveillance cameras on light poles and bank buildings work well for later evidentiary purposes. Or, you could just get lots of friends with cell phones to surveil you, fore and aft. Document thoroughly the reactions by police.

    The ‘initial’ reactions, before they discover that you haven’t actually broken any laws, will be most revealing. As will their reactions as you get charged for “enticing”, “attempt to simulate”, “endangering the public”, and the like.

    Post it all on YouTube and the whole world can laugh at their rampant hypocrisy and their obvious failure to apply the laws equally.

    But then, none of that is going to truly surprise anyone. Is it?

  11. RM3 FRISKER FTN Says:

    Recall Code Pink is always trying to execute a citizens arrest of various Bush 42 era officials like Karl Rove and Condi Rice for alleged ‘war crimes’.

    How about some Second Amendment activists execute a citizens arrest of David Gregory, actually hauling him down to a DC Police station in handcuffs?

    Make sure y’all run it by a lawyer with a wicked sense of humor. Ditto the retired law enforcement types on your team. Wear some sort of windbreaker emblazoned with gold lettered pseudo law enforcement abbreviation like “TLA” (stands for Three Letter Abbreviation)

  12. Chas Says:

    Gun laws should never be taken seriously; they’re just guidelines really – no need to pay much attention to them. Ask David Gregory, or Randy Weaver.

  13. JKB Says:

    So how incompetent are the DC police? The show was broadcast live from DC. Gregory openly displayed the magazine and stated it had a 30 round capacity. There has been no report of denial that the magazine was of the illegal type. Nor have they produced the magazine to show it had been modified to be legal.

    Speaking of which, would it be legal to take the 30 round box, install a plug along with the spring and follower from a 5 or 10 round magazine?

  14. Mark Says:

    No. DC law covers even parts that can be readily restored.

  15. Boyd Says:

    Of _course_ it’s ludicrous. It’s a ludicrous law. And the only thing worse then allowing a ludicrous law (hello voters) would be allowing the erosion of our system of laws by telling people that we will continue to have this particular ludicrous law -and- not enforce it.
    1- Enforce the law
    2- Improve the system of laws (mostly simplifying
    and removing IMO)
    3- Rinse lather repeat.