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Dance with who brung ya

Former Rep. Maggart has a piece at the NYT on how the NRA targeted her in the primary for her stance on the guns in parking lots bill. I thought it was mostly The Tennessee Firearms Association that lead that charge.

3 Responses to “Dance with who brung ya”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    TFA started it. We recruited her challenger and introduced her to the right people.

    NRA gave LTC Rogers wheelbarrows of cash. TFA gave her loads of volunteers. It was a team effort, but LTC Rogers would not have won without the help of the NRA.

    All this, because the N.R.A. refused a compromise I supported on a bill that pitted property rights vs. gun rights. The bill would have allowed anyone keep a firearm in their car when its parked on any property.The N.R.A. did not want to let property owners opt out of it or give them immunity from a civil lawsuit in case someone got shot on their property.

    This entire paragraph is crap. The “compromise” bill did nothing, because businesses were/are already allowed to “opt out” of the existing carry law by posting a sign AND they already have civil immunity.

  2. Mike V. Says:

    That editorial was the sound of sour grapes being pressed into a fine whine

    When it was clear the House leadership wasn’t going to the TFA supported bill come to a vote, she took credit for killing it. IMHO, she asked for it. Since coming to power, the current House leadership has had the attitude that gun owners should be happy with what they already had. The leadership knew we wouldn’t/couldn’t align with Dems and couldn’t imagine we would target them or that they would lose. They choose poorly.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    Mike, yeah, it’s pretty sad to think gun owners got more when we had to fight Jimmy Naifeh tooth and nail.

    And Debbie sweetness, it wasn’t your stance on the Safe Commute Bill that got you fired; it was pigeonholing it rather than letting it come up for a vote.