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Seriously, people, calm down

A PMAG just sold on ebay for $127.

At that price, I’ll sell you 30.

12 Responses to “Seriously, people, calm down”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    I’m thinking of investing in a 3D printer. Selling mags for $100 or so a pop would pay for it in no time.

  2. TeamDub Says:

    $127 for 30? I’ll take that deal!

  3. treefroggy Says:

    From the auction page;

    ” I will check because illegal firearm acts make us all look bad and damage our cause. ”

    What “cause” is that ? Price gouging ?

  4. J T Bolt Says:

    Heck you can keep the rounds I already loaded in mine!

  5. BS Says:

    He could have at least thrown in free shipping!

  6. Gregory Markle Says:

    It’s not price gouging…it’s voluntary idiocy. It’s got me looking at the box of Gen2 PMAGs still in the wrappers at the house and thinking *I’m* an idiot for not selling them to idiots that don’t know any better. It’s not like I didn’t just receive a box of Gen3s that I ordered for $15 each on Tuesday…

  7. JFM Says:

    Last Monday I paid just a little more than that for a Surefire 100round mag. If he got more than 9x normal retail think the Surefire should list at $900? 🙂

  8. Fred Says:

    Ship to APOs?

  9. Jim Says:

    Let the unprepared buy up mags at inflated prices. We should focus on the important things, like hunting season is almost over and shotgun ammo will be cheap. Yuppies will panic buy.

  10. Kasper Says:

    You can buy a Daniel Defense AR for 3500 or 3800 over at gunownersclub…

  11. Ted N Says:

    There’s a lot of 8 used GI mags, current big is 192 bucks.

    Holy crap, people have lost their minds.

    I also need to figure out how to sell stuff on ebay. 😀

  12. Jailer Says:

    I think I may just unload some pmags. I prefer GI mags anyway so why not.