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Gun bans and polling

Lots of other stuff polls higher up than banning guns. And, shockingly, Democrats see gun bans as effective and unicorns.

2 Responses to “Gun bans and polling”

  1. comatus Says:

    I’d seen the poll, but hadn’t seen the R/D breakout. Rest assured that they also do a M/F breakout, a rural/urban, a black v white v hispo, etc, and that A Certain Party is having those beamed directly to His Office.

    Every morning I face east and thank Lord Acton that I live in a republic, not a democracy. Don’t I? Let’s see.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Some people just need to be shot in the face. First the massacreists, then the ‘rats. Well, at least the massacreists; the ‘rats need to suffer some more.