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Cheaper Than Dirt recants

They had a hiccup with demand being so and suspended sales, likely because the were taking payments for guns that might not ship for a long time. They’ve now resumed gun sales. Good for them.

Also, they’ve dropped their magazine prices back down to reasonable levels, which, of course, means they are out of stock.

10 Responses to “Cheaper Than Dirt recants”

  1. comatus Says:

    Well, that sure happened at the speed of Zumbo.
    Now watching Cerberus. Think that’s a hiccup too?

  2. HL Says:

    I think CTD is trying to walk the middle of road.

    As Miyagi say “squash like grape.”

  3. SteveA Says:

    They have already shown their true colors when they rolled over in surrender.
    Don’t buy from them and let them die a quick death. Whoever takes over their spot will have a good example of what happens when you knife your best customers in the back.

  4. SteveA Says:

    Oh also, just checked their site & they say wilii resume firearms sales HOWEVER at the moment no firearms are listed. So no they haven’t resumed sales.

  5. ChrisJ Says:

    After the price gouging they did in 2007-’08 with 380 ACP at $50+ per box, I’ll never order from them anyway. This just cemented that even further.

  6. Divemedic Says:

    Convenient, once they lost 1/3 of their customer base. Never buying there again.

  7. Jake Says:

    Sorry, the “ does not sell firearms” message on the gun listing pages convinced me that it was not a “hiccup” from demand spiking. It was a deliberate attempt to roll over and play dead for the politicians.

  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    “Out of Stock?” Sounds like business as usual for them.

  9. Michael B Says:

    Jake is 100% right. An IT guy didn’t put up a message saying “ does not sell firearms” on accident. That’s also not the message you would display if you changed all the inventory lines to 0 in stock. No, they rolled over then rolled halfway back. Too freakin’ bad for them, no money from me.

  10. middle man Says:

    Truth is CTD doesn’t really inventory much actual product at all. They function more as a drop shipper, just a shell retail operation that collects the consumers money. One of the largest wholesale firearm distributors in the country packs and ships merchandise to CTD, who then forwards said items to the end consumer. CTD used to not even handle the packages (items shipped directly to the end consumer from wholesaler inventory) until the ATF got technical about the chain of possession of the firearm. The velocity of merchandise selling at wholesale essentially crashed the system they had set up.

    The CTD fulfillment set up was not all that unique in the online gun seller arena.