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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

This theme continues.

Hoping NRA members get shot.

And more.

Accusations that some loosely defined group is out to kill them.

Calls for murdering of children and bonus misogyny.

And more.

No wonder they don’t want you armed. They think you think like them.

5 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. countertop Says:

    I’m a URI alumni (1994 – I transferred there from UT). So is my wife (Class of 1995). We have donated as alumni in the past – not huge amounts, but not insignificant amounts either – and both put calls in to the President’s office. His poor secretary has no answers, and is clearly at whits end. Sounds like they are getting a ton of calls.

    The initial response was that is was being reviewed and was referred to some campus committee (which is what the University’s statement says).

    When I asked if he had been arrested yet, her tone changed remarkably.

    When I pointed out that he also advocated violence generally against NRA members like myself – that as an alumni I would never give money again to a school that was financing the tools to plot my murder – she promised me that I would gt a call back today or tomorrow. We will see what they say.

    Incidentley, that professor (who is younger than me, and so wasn’t there when I was there) apparently got his masters degree from UT Knoxville. Is it possible for UT to rescind degrees after they are awarded??

  2. Crotalus Says:

    They not only are hateful and bigoted, they’re stupid. They don’t realize that they’re threatening the people with the guns, and the will to shoot back.

  3. Fin Says:

    Heard stories of people actually removing NRA stickers from their vehiclesm out of “fear”. C’mon, really? I’m the NRA and I’m pround. My sticker isn’t going anywhere and if I cannot deisplay it in these times, when? Let em try and kill NRA members, I mean that would be illegal and such.

  4. Huck Says:

    Fin, I bought a new camper shell back in August but had’nt gotten around to putting a NRA sticker on it. After hearing this “kill all NRA members” bullshit I dug one out a slapped it on. I also dusted off my NRA ballcap and have been wearing it too. So here I am libfags, give it your best shot.

  5. American Says:

    These antigun people do not know anything about firearms. If you really listen when they talk about guns the things they say are inaccurate. I have firearms to protect my family against people that want to do them harm. These antigun nuts are threatening just that. If you say I want to kill members of the NRA and gun owners that to me sounds like terrorism. Is there not anti terrorism laws in this country, and why are they not being enforced?