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Mass Murderers V. Armed Citizens

An interesting read:

The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29

The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.33

Timely, since there was a mass shooting stopped by an armed man recently.

One Response to “Mass Murderers V. Armed Citizens”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Once again, the guy who shot the gunman is an off-duty cop–one who is allowed to carry where the ordinary citizen cannot. While it argues for 2A concealed carry, the argument doesn’t carry that much weight because of his LEO status. the Clackamas shooting was stopped by an actual citizen who carried anyway, and didn’t fire, though he covered the shooter. That made the shooter run, and eventually kill himself. That incident carries far more weight with me.

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